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Occupatioal Athletes

If your profession demands that your body perform at a high level or if your health and well being require your body coordination and reactions to be at or near their peak ability to perform - You are probably an occupational athlete.
Just as professional sports stars take the best possible care of their bodies and health to prevent and treat injuries, Chiropractic Neurology Associates makes available to you the latest in sports health care, so you too can have a healthy, productive career, and when the time comes, retire with many years of active healthy living available to you.

Preventing injuries is our first priority. We help properly train the body through correct conditioning techniques. By balancing, strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination - the body is best able to handle the rigors of your work and play.
Immediate attention to injuries, if they do occur and promptly beginning the recovery/rehabilitation process, is essential to maximizing healing and preventing re-injury.
Appropriate nutritional support not only aids in prevention of injuries, but also speeds the healing process.

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